This page contains information on a few selected projects.

Software Complexity Analyzer

It is an Eclipse plugin developed to measure the complexity of software, a linear time algorithm was developed to count the number of paths in the software. In the past, polynomial algorithms were used.

Loop ToolBox

LoopToolBox is an Eclipse plugin for analyzing Linux code, specifically to classify loops from security perspective in Linux. As a result, the loops in the software can been categorized based on the lock/unlock and memory allocation/deallocation behavior. Currently it supports only for the software written in C and Java

Memory Leak Analyzer

It is an Eclipse plugin developed in Java to investigate memory leaks in large software applications written in C and Java. As a result of the tool, critical bugs were discovered in the Apache POI, Kerberos, and Linux systems

Apache DynaDoc:

Apache DynaDoc is a key component of the DynaDoc system to generate program artifacts, awareded the best challenge entry award DySDoc3. The DySDoc3 was the third international workshop on Dynamic Software Documentation held in Spain. It was hosted by the IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME 2018). The DySDoc3 workshop hosted the First Software Documentation Generation Challenge and we won the best challenge entry award for creating an automated tool which generates On-Demand Context-Specific Documentation of the given software.

Atlas Plugin


I’ve contributed to build some APIs for plugins of Atlas (a program analysis framework).

  • Toolbox Commons - A set of common utilities for program analysis using Atlas, worked on APIs.
  • ICFG PCG - A toolbox to get inter-procedural projected control flow graph. The projected control flow graph (PCG) is a projection of the control flow graph (CFG) to retain only the relevant execution behaviors and elide duplicate paths with identical execution behavior.